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Are my belongings in a storage facility covered under my property policy? 
In most cases, they are covered. Do you have specific questions? Call us. 

Did you know that golfers in Japan purchase insurance at $65/year for coverage of up to $3,000 in the event that they sink a hole-in-one? This is to cover their tradition that dictates that they must buy gifts and drinks for all their friends. 

The urban legend about the color of your car affecting how much you pay for auto insurance is
false. Despite the mistaken belief by 25% of drivers that color affects your car insurance rates, it really has no effect on your insurance at all! 

Reminder: If you have recently received any high-value gift items, they may need to be scheduled on your property policy. 

Do you have questions about insurance? 
Call us! If you rent your home, you can't rely on your landlord's insurance to cover your personal property. You need a Renters Policy. It can also provide coverage for other people's injuries
or damages in situations for which you're liable. 

When do I add my teenager to my auto policy?
You need to add them when they get their license. 

Do you have other questions about insurance? 
Call us!

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